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Presentation of The Roberto Gerhard Companion - Edited by Monty Adkins, University of Huddersfield, UK, and Michael Russ, University of Huddersfield, UK

This book builds on the outcomes of two recent international conferences and includes contributions by scholars from Spain, the USA and UK. The essays collected here explore themes and trends within Gerhard’s work, using individual or groups of works as case studies. Among  the themes presented are the way Gerhard’s work was shaped by his Catalan heritage, his education under Pedrell and Schoenberg, and his very individual reaction to the latter’s teaching and methods, notably Gerhard’s very distinctive approach to serialism.

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he influence of these and other cultural and literary figures is an important underlying theme that ties essays together. Exiled from Catalonia from 1939, Gerhard spent the remainder of his life in Cambridge, England, composing a string of often ground-breaking compositions, notably the symphonies and concertos composed in the 1950s and 1960s. A particular focus in this book is Gerhard’s electronic music. He was a pioneer in this genre and the book will contain the first rigorous studies of this music as well as the first accurate catalogue of this electronic output. His ground-breaking output of incidental music for radio and the stage is also given detailed consideration.

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Presentation of the Robert Gerhard special edition – biography of the composer: book and 7 CDs.

The Robert Gerhard Centre for the promotion and diffusion of the Catalan Musical Patrimony (C_RG), with the support of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat, presents, as the culmination of the Gerhard 2011 Programme, a composite special edition of a book with 7 CDs dedicated to the composer who gave his name to the centre. The CDs are a re-issue of seven recordings which include all of the principal symphonic and choral works by Gerhard.

This publication complements the volume Vida i obra de Robert Gerhard by Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny. The two volumes are presented together with a reproduction of one of the stage designs by Joan Miró for the ballet Ariel by the composer from Valls.

The presentation occurs three years after the foundation of the Centre Robert Gerhard, providing a platform to create and develop diverse projects: editorial, discographic and performance.

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