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We are a team of three people, working currently in the project.



Dr. Monty Adkins, Composer and Professor of Experimental Electronic Music and Head of Research for the Music Department at the University of Huddersfield.




Dr. Carlos Duque: Composer and Research Fellow




Sr. Gregorio García Karman: Musicologist and Research Associate



The Research Team acknowledge the kind support and advice of:

Anna Pensaert, Head of Music, Cambridge University Library.

Staff of the Manuscripts Reading Room, Cambridge University Library.

Don Manning: Head of Imaging Services, Cambridge University Library.

Alan Farrant: Head of Conservation, Cambridge University Library.

Ted Kendall, Sound Archivist.

Will Prentice, Sound Archivist, National Sound Archive.

Dominique Bassal, Mastering engineer.

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Dr. Carlos Duque,
Dr. M. Adkins,
Mr. Trevor Walshaw,

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